Hi friends! Guess whaattt? It was 60 degrees yesterday and it was so glorious. I am so ready for the warm weather to stay! Today, we are sharing our trip to California. During this trip, I completed one of my 25 before 25 by visiting the ocean!

We went to California with four of our friends, so staying in a house was definitely the cheaper option. This was the first time we stayed in an Airbnb and it was such a great experience! We stayed with Julie in Irvine, CA at a resort like apartment complex. We were right by the University of Irvine so it was a great location! We had two bedrooms and two bathrooms plus a loft space that was used as a third bedroom. Would we stay here again? Most definitely!

View from the room!

Once we arrived at LAX, we headed over to Downtown Disney for a late lunch and some shopping.

Guys, we ate at Naples and I am still dreaming of the pepperoni pizza!

Photo: Disney

The next day, Monday, we headed to Disneyland! Find our adventures from Disneyland, here.

Tuesday was all about LA!! We headed to Hollywood to hike up to the sign. If you ever make it out to California, this is a must see. So cool! For the hike, I wore my Ivy Park logo tank, Zella Impulse High Waist leggings, and Mizuno shoes! I purchased this look when we went to Nordstrom at a local mall in California and I am obsessed with Ivy Park! Adorable. After I signed up for my half marathon, I decided to get a new pair of running shoes and went with these Mizuno waves. They are so comfortable!!

I wanted to share both of these pictures because one of the best things we found in California was portrait mode on my iPhone 7 Plus! 😉 So fabulous!

For lunch, we had to stop at In-N-Out. Hamburger.. delicious. Shake.. delicious. Fries.. disappointed. We later found out that In-N-Out is supposedly known for their fries because they are made fresh directly from a potato everyday. I guess that is a positive for them, but nothing else.

After lunch, we drove around and stopped at the Fast and Furious house. Personally, I have never seen the movies but the boys enjoyed seeing it and now I can say I’ve been there! ha 🙂

Next, we headed downtown for the Lakers game!

Hi Andrew!

Arlo and Andrew made the big screen!!

So did Michael Phelps and his wife!

Wednesday, we hung around the house in the morning and then went to Huntington Beach for lunch directly on the Pier! This was definitely my favorite beach and loved all of the shops and restaurants around the Pier. I would definitely go back here!

Tank- Currently under $20! // Shorts // Similar Cardigan // Bralette // Similar Sandals

Avocado Burger was soo yummy!

At night, we headed back to Anaheim for the Ducks game!

On Thursday, we headed back to Disney for California Adventure! Find that day, here!

Jackson decided that he really wanted to see the Rose Bowl.. therefore, we added a VIP Tour on Friday morning!

On the field! It was getting set-up for a soccer game. Fun fact.. the Rose Bowl only holds 12 events a year!! Including all UCLA football home games and the Rose Bowl game. They also will only have one concert! Crazy!

After our tour, we headed to Santa Monica! Alright, so we were pretty disappointed with Santa Monica. All of the information we found about the pier before coming, it looked like so much fun. Well, we thought it was so lame! We were happy that went so we could see it, but I wouldn’t say we would go back. However, since it was Friday we needed to find a non-meat restaurant and we scored big. We ate at The Albright and my lobster roll was on point.

So much love for my travel buddy 🙂

Friday night we spent in traffic.. Ha! We did not want to stay any longer and left Santa Monica right at 5:00pm and it took us THREE HOURS to go 52 miles! Normally, it only takes 58 minutes… Besides Friday night, we did not have a problem with traffic at all, we got pretty lucky.

Our flight on Saturday was originally supposed to be at 6pm so we could have all day Saturday. BUT American Airlines decided to change our flight to Noon, so we did not get to go to The Grove. I am still a little salty about it because I was sooo looking forward to my macaroons! 🙁

Have a fabulous weekend!



April 10, 2017