Uh.. it is already Thursday?! Where did this week goooo? You know when you have a ton of plans for a week, and than you literally get maybe two things done. That was this week for me. I was not even busy, but I felt like each day went by so quickly! Today, I am doing a 2016 in review since this will be my last post for the year.


The beginning of 2016 was filled with lots of love from my two little boys and snow! I am so lucky to be able to spend so much time with them during the week. Being an aunt is my favorite job.


This month we celebrated my Dad. The OGs!

And we went to lots of hockey games!

Valentine’s Day!


We visited the Omaha Zoo.

Went to Kansas City for a weekend full of coaching volleyball.

And celebrated Jackson and Joelle’s birthday.


My little Derek turned 2! He wasn’t too sure about the candles. We than spent the rest of the month preparing for May with the mouse!


Hello Mickey Mouse! May was all about our week spent with the mouse himself. First time visit for my little nephews, and first time Jackson and I got to go together! 🙂 I purchased the Disney Photo Pass, so every time we saw a cast member, we took a picture. At the end of the trip, we had every picture and full copyright. Totally worth it!

The classic ‘after’ photo from Kali River Rapids!

 I could literally post 100 photos from this one week, but I will stop at four.


In June, Omaha does baseball.

Nothing could top the Justin Bieber concert. Nothing.

Screamed and cried the entire concert. #NoShame #Belieber

Than we headed to Indiana to coach at Nationals!


Happy Birthday to America!

I ran in my first Color Run!

Had my five year high school reunion! Ha. This night.

To end the month, I took my mom to see our favorite, Miranda!


We celebrated my sister’s birthday.

Had a quick trip to Worlds and Oceans of Fun! #legz

And went all out in Lincoln for Jenn’s last fling!


I attended my first blog event with Go Blog Social, and met these wonderful gals!

Celebrated this girl again for her bridal shower!

Zoo date!


Fun fall activities filled October, Junk Stock and the pumpkin patch!

Wedding day for my Jenna!


November was a big month, I finally took the leap and started this wonderful blog. (:

6 years of us.

Happy Birthday to me and my gals!

Derek started soccer!

Visited the mouse one last time for 2016, celebrated Thanksgiving and my mom’s birthday in Florida!


Little Leo turned 1!

We baked cookies, decorated, and brought in the love for the Christmas season!

And there we have it.. my 2016 in review. For the most part.

See you next year!



December 26, 2016
January 2, 2017