A Year to Cultivate: 2018 Powersheet Goals

Happy New Year! YOU GUYS… it is 2018! I cannot believe we are back to the fresh start of a new year. This year I am buckling down and taking my goals seriously. I will be using the Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters for my intentional goal planner. I made a not-so-great effort on these last year, and by October, I was seriously annoyed with myself. BUT it is a new year, with a new planner and a new start!

A Year to Cultivate: 2018 Powersheet Goals

2018 Powersheet Goals

Goal #1 Set daily “me” time! 

I do have a busy schedule {most of the time!}, however I am making it a priority to use my time wisely! Sometimes I can get caught up in my blankets and netflix’s! lol Something that has definitely helped me to staying focus is setting an alarm for 20 minutes and only doing that one task for 20 minutes. Trying not to multi-task so much is definitely going to help me accomplish more.

Goal #2 Create a simplified life!

In November, Emily Ley released her new book, A Simplified Life. I have read the first couple of chapters, but stopped because I knew I wanted to do it right. Starting in January {once we get back from our trip!} I am going to go all out. I know this book and lifestyle, will help me live a more in the moment.

Goal #3 Stay present in my faith!

Jesus is in the forefront of my life. In 2018, my goal is to trust in Him more and allow myself to follow the path He has laid for me. One of my favorite quotes is “when you make plans, God laughs” because no matter how much you plan or set time frames on situations, God’s will always overcomes. I will be using the Write the Word bible journal {currently sold out} this year!

Goal #4 Strive for success everyday!

This one is pretty self-explanatory! I want to find/strive for success everyday. I feel like this one combines all of my other goals because if I complete an aspect of them each day, I would be happy. Somedays it may be me trying something new or reaching out to a brand that I might not have last year.. or it might be just chilling on the couch with my family watching tv!

Goal #5 Meet goal weight!

Starting in 6th grade, I started an intense workout program and did that each year until I stopped playing volleyball. Once I stopped playing, I did not want to workout! After two years or so of not taking my eating or workouts seriously, in the fall of 2015, I decided to buckle down and it was totally worth it. Honestly, my workouts are not very intense, but I just ate healthier, watched how much I was eating, and bam, it worked! This year my goal is to better my eating, tone, and reach my “goal weight”.

A Year to Cultivate: 2018 Powersheet Goals

A Year to Cultivate: 2018 Powersheet Goals

A Year to Cultivate: 2018 Powersheet Goals

Each month, my goal is to recap my yearly goals, give a life update, and share more about my journey with my intentional goal planner!

What is your biggest 2018 goal?!



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