Hello galpals! We are continuing our love for Valentine’s Day today and all about comfortable chic.

Not all Valentine’s Days need to be fancy. Attending a sporting event, or just going out for a quick bite and ice cream is special too. The most important part of the day is who you spend it with, right?!

Our comfy chic starts with this oversized grey sweater with my Hollister jeans, both are on sale and under $30! Yes, I.. Nicole, still shop at Hollister. A couple of years ago, I stumbled into the store and it has totally changed for the better! Do they still have the graphic tops with the Hollister logo? Yes, of course. But how cute are these jeans? & they are so freakin’ soft and comfy. Do yourself a favor.. go check them out, here!

I added my pop of colour with this red scarf from.. you guessed it.. Hollister! It is unavailable, so here is a similar option! Of course, I am carrying my signature Whipping Post tote, and walking in my BP. Booties, on sale for $85! See how I styled these booties and tote for the fall, here!

Whipping Post does now offer the Vintage Tote Bag in FIVE different colours!! Find them here! They are even thinking of adding more a natural tanned leather too! So beautiful. I definitely love the Oxblood… and the blue, gray, brown, and black! & guess what?! They offer MONOGRAMS on the totes!! I did not think this tote could get any better, but it has! WP offers messengers & briefcases, duffles, backpacks, wallets, and small goods too! They also have leather care oils, which is so important! All products are made with true leather and are absolutely gorgeous. Ryan Barr definitely knows how to design a great product.

Now the showstopper.. this black suede hat! Suede hats have totally been on trend lately so I knew I needed to grab one! I was not sure if I would enjoy this look or not, therefore I wanted to find a cheaper version. I found this gem on Amazon for under $12!! The quality is just like the $25 ones, so I was verrry happy when it arrived! I will definitely be pairing this with my athleisure looks and when traveling. I will definitely be grabbing a couple more colours too!


Comment and share what your favorite thing about Valentine’s day is!



February 6, 2017
February 13, 2017