Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of the hot mamas out there! I cannot even begin to describe how incredible my mom is. But since this bloggity blog of mine would NOT be here without her, I thought I would start todays post all about her. First of all, she is one kick butt photographer! 🙂 She did not skip a beat when I asked her to be my photog, even when it was 10 degrees out, she still battled through and helped me. {She is happy that is warmer out now though! lol} She gives me never-ending support and is my go-to gal. I know everyone always says, “I would not be the person I am today without my mom”.. but you guys, it is totally true. She has taught me to be a strong, compassionate, independent women.

I might have some pretty unique dreams to some people, but she has not once questioned me. She is my biggest cheerleader.. literally she is. If you have ever heard her cheer for one of us, you are 100% laughing right now! 🙂 Many people do not understand the relationship my momma and I have, which makes it so much better. Thank you for letting me vent to you about everything. For being my rock. For always being there. For never getting mad at me when I get moody. For watching Teen Mom OG and TM2 with me. For all of the little things. & most importantly for being you.

Renee, you are one amazing lady and I am so blessed that God chose me to be your daughter. He knew we would be a perfect pair. (:

{Dad, He knew, only you, would be able to handle us too!}

Okay, that is enough sap for one post.. on to this denim inspired dress from Nordstrom Rack! If you have never heard of Nordstrom Rack, welcome to the greatest day of your fashion life. Really though, Nordstrom Rack is pretty freakin’ awesome. Nordstrom Rack is like a Nordstrom at a HUGE discounted price. If you have ever been inside a Nords Rack store, you know how crazy they are. I have been to ONE Rack that was actually organized to a point where I was not hyperventilating the whole time. It is similar to a TJ Maxx. #RacksOnRacksOnRacks

If you have patience {and lots of time} you can find some diamonds in the rough. We do not have a Nords or Rack locally so I normally just shop the site. If I do not have a ton of time and I am traveling where there is a Rack, I will just scan the racks and see if anything pops out to me. Insert this chambray off the shoulder beauty. This little babe was just sitting on the rack and calling my name. Look at the fringe detailing on the bottom.. like come on, how could I not show you this?! Do not even get me started on the pockets!

Side note.. if you have ever been to Disney World, you know about the pin trading. Tons of cast members and guests wear lanyards with different pins. I have always wanted to participate in this soooooo bad.. but we all know this girl ain’t wearin’ a lanyard all day. ha! Since this dress is light weight and simple.. how adorable would my little pins look on the ruffle? It would add such a cute little detail! So excited to try this in January or next week in Omaha.. 🙂 

When purchasing items from Nordstrom Rack, there is no guarantee it will be available in one hour, let alone the next day. I was not able to find this exact dress, but I found a couple with the similar styles and colour… Under $30, Under $33, and Under $25!

Since this is a simple dress, I wanted to spice it up with my details. I styled it with a black velvet choker, colourful wedges, and a summer time clutch! Once I saw this clutch at TJ Maxx, it took me .5 seconds to grab it because I am obviously obsessed with pineapples. They are just so cute! I could not find the exact clutch, but I found the same design in a cosmetic bag! Find that here! For my choker, I chose to wear black but you could really wear any colour with this look. I wanted my clutch and wedges to be my statement piece, so I kept my choker neutral.

On to my wedges.. these are from DSW and are under $45!! I sized down with these because I felt like they ran big. I normally wear a 10, but I am wearing a 9.5 in these. If you have read previous posts, you know about my skinny foot issue and shoes slipping easily. Luckily, these wedges have buckles on the sides which allows me to secure my ankles. #winning I am totally a wedges gal so these will be on repeat this summer for sure!

PS.. You might want to come back tomorrow 🙂



May 11, 2017
May 16, 2017


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    May 15, 2017

    Thanks for the shout out on the bloggity blog. By the way ,you look fab in that denim😘💜!XO