Happy Monday!! Guess what?! We finally get to move into our home tomorrow! I cannot believe the time is already here, but my roommates and I are so so ready!

Today, I am sharing my review of Falconwood Park’s Drive-In movie theater! Ever since I put this on my 25 Before 25 list, I have been looking and looking for a place to go around Nebraska. Finally, one day when I was on Facebook, a drive-in movie event popped up and since it was Moana, I knew we had to try it out.

The gates open at 7:00pm for all to most showings and the movie starts at dusk. We arrived around 7:30pm and probably spent 10 or so minutes in the car line to park, which was not bad at all! Since it was our first time going, we did not know what to expect with the parking. Arriving at 7:30pm allowed us plenty of time to do everything we wanted to do before the movie started!


Since I found this event on Facebook, I was able to find a direct link to buy tickets through Eventbrite. If you have never used Eventbrite before, just think of it as a modern TicketMaster with no crazy fees! There are many different ticket options you can purchase.. a 1 person drive-in pass is $8.38, 2 person double occupancy drive-in pass is $15.76, a 3+ person occupancy drive-in pass is $22.09! So what happens if you get there and all of the parking spots are full? They have a separate area for people who want to park and walk. You just park your car and then walk to the front and sit. Also, if you have friends who parked their car in the line to watch, you do have the option to park away from the screen and just walk over to your friends space. For how expensive movies are now, we thought this price was great! Here is the bonus feature.. for $11.54 you can CAMP OUT! Yes, how cool is that?! They have a camp ground area for RVs and tents too. They even offer glamping, which you have to call and reserve! Finally, online ticket sales end an hour before the gate opens and they encourage you to purchase before you go because events do sell out!


Parking was super simple. Right when we pulled into the park, someone was there to greet us and make sure we knew where to go. He explained how the parking line worked and let us know where the food, drinks, and bathrooms were. Like I said above, we waited for probably about 10 minutes in line to park our car for the movie. When we arrived at the front, we showed the man our tickets via the wallet app on my phone, he asked if we would like to pull in or back in, and then sent us on our way. We drove my dad’s truck, so we opted to back in to our space. Most cars backed in, but there were a couple who pulled in. They have a ton of helpers to get you in the right spot and at the right angle. Since we arrived at 7:30pm, we were in the second to last row, which made leaving super easy! I was worried it was going to take forever to exit, but it only took about 3 minutes for us!

Food and Beverage

During our movie, a small family owned BBQ business was serving Smoked Pork sandwiches for $5 and if you wanted beans, it was $7. I went with just the sandwich and Jackson went for both. We both enjoyed our meal and thought the price was great. They offered a slushy truck and a concessions stand. On the Facebook event page, they do say a food truck will be there and I think it is different every time! Also, on the event page, they ask you to not bring in your own alcohol because they have a bar available. At the bar, they offered Bud Light and Coors Light for the beer, Jack, Vodka, and Captain for liquor. All beer was $4 and liquor was $5! Which again, to me was super reasonable. Normally a drink at a movie is at least $10-12! At the concessions, they offered different types of candy and popcorn! Overall, the food and beverage options were great and very delicious!


Finally, the main event.. Moana!! Before the movie starts, the man told everyone over the speaker that they could tune into 101.3 to listen to the movie in your car. Since we were sitting in the truck, we just listened over the loud speaker, and never had a hard time hearing the movie. Now to the screen.. it’s huge!! like huge. Even though we were parked in the back, we had a perfect viewing of the movie. I can almost guarantee that all of the parking spaces have a great view since the screen is so large. They tell everyone that the movie starts at dusk. Dusk was around 9:15-30pm that night and it worked out great. Once it was completely dark, it was wonderful seeing all of the stars too! 🙂 Remember too that they only play movies that are no longer in theaters. Moana is fairly new, but they also play some old time classics too, like The Sandlot! Oh, and do not worry if your car dies while listening to the movie on your radio, they are able to jump it for you!

I would say the only thing we were not really prepared for was the bugs. Luckily, our parking neighbor had some bug protector thing that went 10 feet x 10 feet, so I feel like that helped a little until they left. Next time, we will definitely come more prepared for those little suckers!

To find all of the movie events via their Facebook Event Page, here. To find all of the movie events and more information on their drive-ins, go here!

Which movie are you going to go see?!



June 12, 2017



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    Angel Thomas

    June 5, 2017

    Thanks for your review. We will make our first visit this weekend to see The Neverending Story!

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      June 11, 2017

      Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂