It is that time of the month again… A Nicole Must Have! This one however, will not come has a shock to you all. I have been literally OBSESSING with these Valentino dupes lately and Sole Society RESTOCKED THEM this week! Therefore, it was just meant to be that they are this months must have item.

I am a totally brand gal. I love me some Louis Vuitton.. Kate Spade.. Chanel.. Hermes.. Valentino.. DVF.. and a ton of other brands that I cannot afford. {hopefully one day! keeping those dreams alive!} Since I am not to the point where I can drop a couple thousand on fashion items, I am all about a good dupe.

When it comes to purchasing shoes, I really like to try them on before I commit. With these, I had no way of trying them on so I checked Sole Society’s return policy and went for it. Since it was my first SS purchase, I had no idea what to expect. Shoes have be comfortable for me to actually wear them, and these totally take the cake. I have long and skinny feet, so the more straps.. the better. I normally gravitate towards t-strap styles. These for sure keep my feet snug as a bug, and my toes are happy about it. My current goal is to find Valentino dupes for flats. They are sooo freakin’ adorable! I do not wear a lot of flats because they slip.. #skinnyfeetprobs .. & I just like heels better.. but Valentino’s flats/ballerinas.. say it with me.. HAVE STRAPS! Holla! Let the googling begin!

Oh, and these dupes are true to size! Don’t worry if your size becomes sold out before you can grab them, just add your email to the waitlist! Sole Society will email you once the item is back in stock.

In previous posts.. here.. and here.. I shared my nude dupes. Today, I am sharing the black pair I purchased once I knew how much I would be loving/wearing my nudes. I paired my black dupes with these BP. faux leather leggings, blush peplum.. similar here.. and leather jacket. Just like high waisted everything, I love a good peplum.. fashionable, yet able to bring more coverage after you eat one too many cookies! These faux leather leggings are a great price, and the perfect item to spice up a casual look. I feel as they have washed a little funky. The site says to hand wash cold, and to line dry.. I can tell you 100% I did not do that, so definitely follow the washing instructions with these. oops! 🙂

For the details, I kept it simple with a monogram necklace and Express clutch.. my current clutch is not available, click here for a grey option. Okay, so when I was in Florida this past November with my parents.. I mentioned to my parents how I really really really wanted a monogram necklace.. thankfully, Santa was listening and he brought me one in Rose Gold. I am totally consumed by its beauty. We all know how I feel about monograms by now, so I definitely will be getting my hands on another one of these. There are soo many companies that sell these now, so do not be turned off by the price point. Just keep looking and you will find one that works best for your budget..

But since I love y’all.. here are some links for all different prices..

Extra Large $250 // Large $150  // Small $98 // Acrylic $48






Make sure to share any dupes that you find in the comments! My bank account will be internally grateful.



February 13, 2017
February 20, 2017