Long weekends are definitely the best, but the following week is always fab since it is shorter! It is already Thursday and this weather we are currently having is giving me all of the Fall vibes. Starbucks has released the pumpkin spice latte so it is officially fall right?! 🙂

It might not officially be Fall yet, but we all must start preparing our wardrobe for it. These are the top 5 items that I believe are must haves for Fall…

Blanket Scarves

If you see me everyday in the fall/winter, I probably will have some type of scarf on. We have really cold winds in Nebraska, and scarves keep me nice and cozy! You can find how to wear a blanket scarf, here!

All outfit details, here!


Booties are my favorite thing ever. like ever. If I could wear them all year long, I totally would! Bootays just complete a fall fashion look even when you are trying to stay bundled up. You do not have to spend an arm and leg on them either! There are so many great buys out there at all price ranges.

Find this entire look, click here!

Kimono-Nordstrom Sale


Once that cold weather hits, denim + everyone = best friends! You can sometimes get away with wearing denim in the summer when it is a bit chilly, but the fall/winter/sometimes spring is when denim is hit hard. There are two things you need to remember about denim {besides your size!}.. the colour and style.

The goal would be to have at least one light and dark wash jean in your closet. If you are able to get something in-between those two, that is fine too. I wear denim so much, and depending on my look for the day, I will determine which style/colour I want wear. For the style, it first depends on what makes you confident and comfortable! If a style does neither of these things, kick it to the curb. Personally, I enjoy a skinning, boyfriend, and the distressed style of jeans. When trying a new style of jean, I suggest to shop in stores first to find exactly what size and colour you want. Then you can fit the online shops..

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Beside keeping you warm and cozy, vests are so perfect for fall. Depending on which vest you have in your closet, your vest can either fancy up your look or keep it casual. Their are sports vest, puffer vest, or just ‘regular’ vests. Some vests do get a little costly, but just make sure the quality is always there first.

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Leather Tote

& finally, last but definitely not least.. a classic leather tote! I received this tote as a graduation gift about 2 years ago and it is still in great condition {and I use it a ton!}. The one thing I enjoy about all leather totes is that they create their own story with you. Leather is going to get scraped or bumped, but do not worry, it just gives your bag character. At first, I would freak out and be upset over a mark on my bag. After awhile, it just ends up blending in with the leather, making it a little more unique.

You can find super adorable totes at amazing prices too..

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What are your favorite must haves for fall?



September 4, 2017