Good Morning friends! As you all know, we recently moved into our new home. Therefore, I have been all over Pinterest to find some room inspo! I work full time, coach volleyball, and run this little place.. so it has taken me a lot longer to put my room together then I thought it would. It was definitely worth the wait! Since I did one of my shelves DIY, I wanted to share it with you! To make it easier on ourselves, we purchased shelves that were already white at Home Depot. However, if you are super handy and want to save some extra bucks, you could easily just purchase wood and paint it.

How To: DIY Shelves

In some of the pictures, you will see plain wood. This was from another project I planned on doing, but we are saving it for another time! 

Step 1: Find yourself a boyfriend.

Okay, I am kidding.. kind of! 🙂 He was super helpful!

Step 2: Purchase Materials

From Home Depot.. we purchased two shelves, 4 brackets, matte spray paint, and coloured spray paint.

I already had gold spray paint at home so I did not have to purchase any this time!

Step 3: Sand the brackets

The wonderful gentleman at Home Depot gave me the helpful hint of sanding the brackets since they were glossy. This was super easy and definitely made a difference!

Step 4: Spray Paint

I am not a spray paint connoisseur by any means, but I already had this brand and it worked well. I also purchased a matte spray finish, but I am not sure it actually did anything. Since we live in new construction, we have a lot of open space next to us. We ended up working outside, but I suggest that you work in your garage instead. I only had issues with one of the brackets.. it kept falling over! Than the spray paint would get messed and it was annoying. I think I could of solved this problem by having it on a harder surface.

When spray painting, remember that a little goes a long way. Stand far away and spray evenly! This is very important for it come out evenly. Trust me! If you mess up, just let it dry and sand it down, repaint. You can do it!

Step 5: Nail the Brackets to the Shelves

I was not able to get images of this, but we just used normal screws and a drill. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.

Step 6: Hang Shelves

I have a large space above my desk, so this is where I decided to hang my shelves. You could do a smaller or even larger version of these as well. My shelves are about 3.5 fee long.

ps.. ignore my messy desk 🙂 

Step 7: Decorate

This was my favorite part! I had been thinking about how I wanted to style them, and I love my bottom self. I am still not committed to my top shelf! My top shelf is probably going to become a something Disney inspired! 🙂

Overall, I am so excited with how they turned out! Thanks to my parents and Jack for helping me. You guys are the best!

Let me know in the comments what home improvements you are doing!



August 7, 2017
August 14, 2017