Today, I am doing my first ever ‘How To’ post. Whenever I think of ‘How To (insert whatever)’ I always think of the movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It is seriously one of my favorites. Anyways, my first ‘How To’ post is going to be focused on blanket scarves. Ah, the blanket scarf. My go-to when it is 10 degrees outside, but you still want to look nice while being warm. The perfect add to any oversized sweater, dress, or a top and jeans. Literally works with everything. Here is the issue… it is legit a blanket. Like massive. There are TONS of different styles for scarves, but do not be fooled, a true blanket scarf is huge.

Example A. Enormous!!

When wearing a blanket scarf, first unfold the scarf. Than find two opposite corners and make a triangle.

After you have your triangle, you have two options.

One.. Hold your triangle so the point is facing down, and than toss the point of your triangle over the top of the scarf so it is twisting together. Repeat this step 2-3 times. The twisting creates the scarf to become a little smaller and tighter.

Two.. If you would the scarf to feel looser, do not twist.

After deciding what type of style you want, continue to hold your triangle so the point is facing down, and throw the two wings over your shoulders. You can tie the two wings together or just cross them behind your neck.

Either if you twist or not, your scarf will look like this. I chose to cross them behind my neck this time.

Next.. bring the wings to the front, making sure each wing is on the opposite side in which it came from.

Grab each wing, and tuck them under the point of the scarf.

Finally, fluff the scarf to your desired look. When fluffing, you can fix your point to have one or two showing, you can pull it tight or loose, and move around the folds.

This time, I twisted my scarf, thus it is tighter to my neck.

Don’t forget, blanket scarves can be worn as a shawl or a belted cape! There are so many options.

Some of my favorite blanket scarves..

Let me know which style is your fav! 🙂



January 19, 2017
January 26, 2017