Hi friends! So yesterday I went and got my nails dipped for the first time, and honestly, I am not sure how I feel about it.. yet. I was not really sure where to go, so I went to Bamboo nails because they had good reviews and were priced well. The dipping process was definitely a lot quicker than shellac, but my nail tech did not clean under my nails afterwords, so I still had powder under my nail and around the edges. Since this is my first time doing this.. I am not sure if that is a normal thing or if she should of cleaned it up a bit. Has this happened to you before? Please help a sister out! Where do you normally get your nails done? I am unable to do them on my own, I was not given that gift! haha πŸ™‚

Anyways, on a positive note.. today is going to be an Instagram roundup. When planning my post for today I thought it would be a great time for an Instagram update. If you follow me on Insta, than you have seen all of these photos, however I will be supplying links to my items or similar options.

Booties // Jeans – ONLY $25!! // Top // Scarf // Cardigan

Dress // Boots // Leather // Scarf // Handbag

Booties // Jeans // Bodysuit // Cardigan // Handbag

Jersey // Booties // Jeans – ONLY $25!! // Handbag

Dress – Exact in Mocha // Booties // Necklace // Handbag

Jeans – under $30! // Booties // Top // Cardigan // North Face Roo

Booties // Jeans – ONLY $25!!Β // Top // Cardigan – under $40!! // Handbag

Jeans // Booties – Exact in BlackΒ // Handbag

Booties // Jeans – ONLY $25!! // Hoodie // Scarf // Gloves



March 13, 2017
March 20, 2017