Happy May! Can you believe it is already May? I feel like New Years was just here. But hey, I am happy with it since we officially move in just 37 days!! We are finished with picking everything out and now it is just a waiting game. This past weekend we were in Minnesota for a National Qualifier tournament. My kiddos finished 4th! We will be heading back to Minnesota for Nationals in June.

Before we get to the details of my #outfitselfies for April, I am in need of some reading inspiration. You guys, I was doing sooo well but this past month has been lammmme. I just cannot get into any of the books I picked out. I definitely do NOT like scary ones.. How do you make time for yourself to read? I think that is my biggest issue. I tell myself to read, but then just end up doing something else.. HELP! What good books have you read lately??

Alrighty, I pulled some of my favorite Instagram looks so today, I will be sharing where to get the exact or similar items! First, if you do not own a pair of Sperry’s, I HIGHLY suggest that you do! I cannot remember exactly when I got my first pair, but I wore them to the death so I am now on the second. I wore these all last summer and they still look fresh out of the box. Sperry’s are easy to pair with looks and you can even wear them through the fall.

Similar Top // Jeans // Shoes // Bag // Watch

Similar Top // Moto Leggings // Similar Ivy Park Jacket // Shoes // Similar Scarf

Similar Sweatshirt // Shorts // Shoes

Top // Moto Leggings // Shoes // Cardigan // Jacket // Bag // Necklace

VERY Similar Top // Velvet Joggers {Post about them, here} // Similar Cardigan // Shoes // Bag // Bralette

Dress // Shoes // Similar Clutch // Necklace // Similar Sunglasses

Jersey shirt // Shorts // Similar Shoes

See y’all back on Thursday!!


April 27, 2017
May 4, 2017