O M G ! Lady Gaga was everything.

On Saturday night, she blessed us with her talents and I am officially a member of the ‘monsters’! Last summer, my sister and I went to Justin Bieber in Des Moines, IA.. which was the first time we sat on the floor at a concert! So, when we saw Lady Gaga was coming to Omaha for her Joanne World Tour, we knew we had to go and we had to do it big.

Friends, it was 100% worth every dollar. She was literally a couple of feet away from us, so incredible.

Lady Gaga, whose name is actually Stefani Joanne Germanotta, actually dated a man from Springfield, NE around 2011. Therefore, the song I was most looking forward to hearing was You and I, which is about him and Nebraska! {She even shot her music video here, it was one of the craziest week ever when she was in town!} Anyways, before she started to play You and I, she explained what the song meant to her and why she wrote it. She said that this song was the beginning of her wanting to understand and become apart of a new experience with people from other parts of the country that she did not know.

How amazing is that? 

If that does not motivate you to follow your dreams, I am not sure what will y’all.

Real life right here.. I am almost 25 years and second guess what I “should be doing” pretty much every day. When listening to Lady Gaga, it makes you feel okay to be different, in anyway you wish too. I don’t have to have the classic Monday through Friday 8-5pm job. Do not get me wrong, I know that I can do whatever I want to do with my life. But you guys, it is pretty damn cool to hear Gaga sing about things you can relate too.

I might not be flawless, but you know I gotta diamond heart.

I have always loved Lady Gaga’s music, but the videos, outfits, who she portrayed herself as.. didn’t personally appeal to me. When she released Joanne, I felt as she was allowing us into her personal life and struggles, which I totally related too. Throughout the concert, she would explain why she wanted to write this album and what each song meant to her. #relatable

When I was looking up the different lyrics, I came across this article {find it here!} from Billboard. They pulled 7 of her most personal lyrics and explains them.

Just think about that for a minute.. each song has a personally meaning behind it and she has to feel those raw emotions every.single.time she sings that song. It is not all rainbows and butterflies either, it is hard life shiz. & trust me, when she performs, she allows you to feel every emotion with her, which just makes you love her even more!

When I think about the concert, I don’t immediately think about the four hours we had to stand waiting for her because she was “late”. I think about how fun it was dancing to The Cure, Diamond Heart, and the oldies that we listened to in high school. I will remember the love she gives. I will remember the kindness she gives to every person. I will remember that all you need is one reason to stay. One reason to keep fighting. All you need is one reason to never give up.


I have now crossed another 25 before 25 item of my list.. on to the next one! 🙂



August 17, 2017
August 24, 2017