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You guys..  I did it.

I ran the full 13.1 miles in the Lincoln Half Marathon yesterday! Today, I am sharing just a little bit of information about my race experience. When I first signed up, I had no doubt that I would not be able to do it… until I started “training”. When I started my training, I could not run outside yet, so I would do up to four miles on the treadmill at the gym. Then it became warmer out… but I never wanted to go outside and run so I just stayed on the treadmill.

Growing up, I was never a long distance runner. Like NEVER. I never did sports that required long distance running, soccer would be the closest but I stopped playing soccer in 7th grade I think? Anyways, I never had to run longer then a mile at a time. Once I stopped playing competitive sports, I still did not have an interest in running. However, when I was thinking of my 25 things to do before I turn 25 list, I thought a half marathon would be a good idea. It would make me motivated to run and give me something to work for! So, I signed up for the Lincoln Half.

Before our trip to California, I was running at least 3 miles, 2-3 times a week at Planet Fitness. After our trip to California, which was about a month ago, I was barely running once a week. So, you could say I was a little worried about how this half marathon was going to go. I was super nervous all night on Saturday and during the drive to Lincoln Sunday morning. For those of you that are not local, Lincoln is about 45 minutes from Omaha. My mom, dad, and boyfriend, Jackson, came to cheer me on! After picking up my packet, I was not feeling as nervous anymore because I had talk to some other people about the race, etc. I am sure other Marathon’s do this.. but during the race there is something in your bib that tracks you. They time your 5k, 10K, 15K and your finish. Really interesting how they are able to do that and it allowed my fan club to find me easily! 🙂

My goal going into the race was to run the first three miles {since that is how much I did during training} and then walk for a mile and run three more… but guys, I felt great after the first 5K, so I kept running. If you have never ran in a half-marathon, there are people everywhere on the sidelines cheering for you! Neighbors were handing out waters throughout the whole course and people got very creative with their signs. After my first 3 miles and drink station was when I saw my parents and Jackson for the first time. It gave me so much energy seeing them cheer me on! They stopped at each 5K and I really could have not done it without them.

The official name for the Lincoln Half is the Lincoln National Guard Half-Marathon and Marathon. Once I passed my 10K, I noticed military soldiers doing a ‘Ruck March’. Before today, I had no idea what this was. Soldiers march for fallen soldiers in full gear and their packs. Besides my family, this my friends, is what kept me going. If this soldiers can be out here in the heat and fight for the fallen, I can finish this race.

If you have EVER thought about doing a race, I challenge you to do it because you can. If it is a fun 5K, half-marathon or a full marathon.. Do it. I can promise you that when you cross the finish line, all of the pain and training will be worth it. At the Lincoln Half, the finish is on the 50 yard line at Memorial Stadium. When I turned for the last straight away and saw the stadium poke around the corner, I cried because I was so happy. I bet you can only imagine how I felt when I entered the stadium. It was so magical!

For my race day look, I wore a Nike running tank and leggings with a nike hat. I purchased my Mizuno running shoes when I started training and I love them!! They are so comfortable and make me feet feel very secure. I totally recommend them! During the race, I listened to music the whole time. I used my beat headphones and created a playlist for 4 hours, so I knew I would not get the same song twice. If you have any questions about the race, please ask! Just shoot me an email, or comment below! 🙂

Thanks to my mom and dad for the pictures! 🙂



May 4, 2017
May 11, 2017



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    Jennifer Gegzna

    May 8, 2017

    You’re literally amazing 🙂

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      May 8, 2017

      Right back at ya! 🙂