Monthly Goals

Happy October, friends! Are y’all loving how October 1 was on a Sunday this year as much as me? With the start of a new month, and fall in full force, I wanted to share my monthly goals with you today! During the summer months, I get super busy with work, which means that my planning/organizing/workouts take a backseat. BUT this month, I told myself that I would get back on the train. Therefore, I figured if I posted about my goals.. it would give me more accountability! ha! Make sure to share your monthly goals so we can all help each other.

Monthly Goals: October

Workout at least 3x a week

You guys, my work is literally 2 minutes from my gym and I still find reasons of why I cannot go. Background.. growing up I always had to workout because of my sports. Now, it is hard for me to just go workout and not have an end goal. Yes, you should workout because you want to stay fit/health for your life… however, I need a solid reason to motivate me. Any advice on this? I try to focus on a trip or event I have coming up, but definitely looking for some advice. I love barre workouts and would love to start doing those again! I saw a HUGE improvement when I consistently did them.

Stay Organized

Emily Ley is #goals when it comes to organizing everything, meal planning, and Sunday prep. She is starting a weekly workshop on Tuesdays via FB live at 10am EST! Link here. She will be talking about all things life, and everything in between. Emily is all about giving back and helping others. This workshop is going to be insanely helpful! My closet is still pretty much a hot mess, so that is the first on my organization list. Next, I want to make sure I am completing my Sunday prep each week. Making sure my schedules are written down and everything is prepared for the week!

Christmas Shopping

Yes, I am one of those! I normally have most of my Christmas shopping completed by now {or at least have my list complete!} but I have been totally slacking! My goal this month is to complete or know what I need to get for my people. Gift giving is one of the best things ever! & I love wrapping gifts. Is that weird? Too bad if it is!


I started off this year doing a great job with my reading. I struggled a little at the beginning of summer, but finished our last book club pick! Since we all have been super busy, we deceived to push out next meeting until November. Thankfully we did this because I haven’t even started! Whoops! We are reading the Little & Lion. Emily Ley should be releasing her second book soon so that will for sure be on my list next.

25 Before 25

Last year I posted 25 things I wanted to do before I turned 25. Unfortunately, I will not be able to finish all of them, which is perfectly fine! I really enjoyed trying to complete all of them and experienced some new things! Find that post, here! This is one of my goals for the month because I want to still try and complete as many as possible!

Alright guys, those are my goals for this month! Let me know what your goals are for October and how you plan on holding yourself accountable. We can do this together and make this the best October yet!



September 28, 2017