Holy Cold! If you have the great pleasure of living in the Midwest like me, than you know exactly what I am talking about! I am not even sure how much freezing rain we got last night, but hey, it lets me stay home from work and drink hot coco all day! Yayyy! 🙂

As I promised last week, we are talking all about these over the knee boots today and they are totally the January ‘A Nicole Must Have’! OTK boots have literally been everywhere for probably the last year or so. At first, I was not really sure about them, but since I am trying to get a little more adventurous and out of my comfort zone with everything, I felt they would be a great addition to my closet.

Since I was totally on the fence about this purchase, I thought I would share my Four Ps of Purchasing.. Price, Purpose, Perfection, and Princess!

Price, does it fit in your budget?

Perfection, is the quality of the item perfect for you?

Purpose, does it meet your needs?

Princess, does it make you feel like a princess?

When I went to purchase these OTK boots, I set my budget to $150 since they normally run a little high. I knew I wanted to get them through Nordstrom since I still had my triple points day available. When shopping at Nords, always make sure to get a budget for the item when researching. If not, they will show $2,000 boots and it becomes overwhelming.

For the quality, I went with Steve Madden. I visited a Steve Madden outlet to try on a couple of different styles, sizes, and colours to see which ones I liked best. However, with Nordstrom, they offer free shipping and returns so if you do not have a Steve Madden shop close by, no worries! For the purpose, the heel was the perfect height and they were comfortable. And finally, my favorite, they totally make me feel like a BA princess! 🙂 If you don’t feel like a princess, than why wear it, right?!?

As for the colour, I had no idea. I took me awhile to pull the trigger on buying a pair because I really did not know which colour I needed more than the other or which would look better. Grey, Black, Tan, Taupe, Brown.. So many options! I tried on grey in store, but they were not available online so I was totally lost. I really liked the Steve Madden ‘Emotions’ style so I just pulled it and went with Taupe. I was nervous about ordering this colour but I love it. It is like a beige-brown.

My Steve Madden OTK Boots are under $100 here! They are true to size!


Another favorite about OTK boots, you can either dress them fancy or casual. This day, I decided to pair them with a body-con dress and cow vest aka a sherpa vest! I still think cow vest is a better name. 🙂 I grabbed this sherpa vest from Target because it was super cheap, and I was willing to buy it since the price was right. At first, I was not sure how much I would actually wear it, thus I did not want to spend a ton. The only down fall about this particular vest is the shedding. Oh my gosh, everywhere. If anyone has a tip on how to not make it shed, that would be so helpful! I have washed it a couple of times too, so I am out of guesses. Other that, I love it! For size reference, I am wearing a small.

Now lets talk about this body-con dress. I purchased it from LuLus, an online boutique, and loooove it! I never purchased anything from Lulus before this, so I did not know what to expect but the quality is amazing and it is so soft. I purchased a medium! I love how it has a high neck and long sleeves. It will be perfff for a night out downtown! WhoWhatWear just posted 3 rules of pulling off a body-con at any age, and the article is bomb. Only wear it if you’re comfortable, watch the silhouette, and shapewear! These are great tips for any look.

For the details, I kept it simple with a Rebecca Minkoff bag, rose gold sunnies, and studs. To dress this look up a bit, I would add a statement or long pendent necklace to add some sparkle. Then I would substitute my crossbody bag for a small clutch!


Body-Con Dress // OTK Boots // Sherpa Vest // Similar Rebecca Minkoff Handbag // Rose Gold Sunnies

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January 12, 2017
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