Today is Monday. But more importantly, today is September 11th. Please take a moment today and remember all of those who lost their lives because of a hatred act. For all of those families who never got to say goodbye. Spread some extra love today and do a kind act to show that love and hope will always win.

Β Y’all probably know how much I love me some Nordstrom by now, but I absolutely love all things boutique. If it is from Hello Ruby or Four Sisters, I love them all. Over the past 5 years or so, many boutiques have opened in Omaha, which has really grown the fashion market locally. I still remember the first top I purchased at a boutique I shopped in New York City!

Social channels makes shopping and finding boutiques from all of the country, must easier for all of us! Therefore, this week we are talking all about the boutique,Β Dress Up! This boutique is located in mainly Georgia, but they also have a couple of shops in AL, SC, and TN. The owners, Danielle and Derrick Case, opened the first Dress Up shop in 2009 and have grown to 20 locations ever since. Besides the adorable clothing, I love the personal aspect behind all boutiques and finding out their reason why.

At the core of the company, Dress Up has one main mission – to show the love of Christ and to help women realize their worth. Our brand strives to make sure that each woman walking through the doors leaves feeling more confident and loved than they did walking in.

How amazing is their mission you guys!? Nothing better!

Now since you know all about Dress Up, I bet you are thinking to yourself.. “well since it is a boutique, I won’t be able to afford it.” But guess what friends.. YOU CAN! Dress Up has amazingly affordable prices for all of their pieces!! Snaps for Dress Up!

Today’s look from Dress Up is focused around fall florals. Florals have really made a comeback and thankfully, I no longer think of my grandmas floral sofa when I see them. If you have never given florals a chance, do it! It will add a new print to your wardrobe and open you up to new fashion possibilities! & floral is going to be huge for fall so do not miss out! Find more adorable fall florals here! πŸ™‚

Besides the amazing print of this dress {similar dressΒ here}, I love the babydoll fit and bell sleeves. A babydoll fit is when the seam of the ‘waist’ is under your chest for a more flowy feel and look to the dress. Don’t worry.. it will not make you look prego either because the dress is designed to be flowy.

The floral is obviously the main focus on this look, but the small details pull the look together. I added my pop of colour with this green bib necklace. With my green necklace being a statement, I kept my shoes and clutch to a neutral nude.

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