It is Tuesday so my gals from Caffeinated Curls, Lady Sobo Shares, Sylvia Jade, and Tarin Sara are back to link up for Target Tuesday.

So I have many titles in my life and do a lot.. however, one of my favorite things is being these two little boys Auntie. If you are an Aunt, you know exactly what I am talking about. That immediate love that just flows over you when you see them for the first time. The protection you feel you must give to them. The silliness that makes their little eyes just sparkle.  Do not let those cute smiles fool you though.. these kids can be crazzy monkey boys! They always keep me on my toes, but I would not want them any other way. It is the greatest feeling in the world when Derek just runs up to me and says, “Oh, Niki.. I just love you.” Like you guys.. I literally almost cry every time. Leo finally said my name the other day, and I about lost it. My love for these two babes is just unbelievable. Derek is 3 and Leo is 1 years old.

If you have kiddos in your life, then you know Target has one of the best selection for all types of kids! Within the past year, they released a collection called Cat & Jack, which is what I am featuring today! It is so fun to finally see a selection that has cute boy clothes!! Something that my sister, Katy, loves about Cat & Jack is first, the prices! They are cheap, but still great quality. Even though the prices are freakin’ fab, her favorite thing is that if you ever have an issue or if you get a hole in an item, Target will replace it for you!! If you have your receipt for the item and it is within a year, they will fully replace your torn item. How great is that?! Go Target!

The look we are featuring today are these denim shorts for only $7 and this adorable striped green shirt, which is under $5! Derek is also wearing double strap sneakers for only $15! These sneakers are so great because they are super comfy for him and he is able to take them on and off by himself. Something I have noticed lately from Target is that their online shop is better than the actual store. I know every target cannot carry all items, but I feel as the online shop gives you way more options! The shoe selection online is soo cute! Even one of my favorite jewelry brands collaborated with Target, SUGARFIX by BaubleBar, but I have yet to see any item in the store! So frustrating, but I do understand why they have to do it! Oh, and do not worry about shipping because you can have your order delivered for pick-up at some Targets or you can receive free shipping with your REDCard.

Here are a couple other Cat & Jack options for girls and boys:


Auntie Niki

May 22, 2017