Hi gals! How are your yearly goals going so far? If you are kicking butt, keep it up! If not, Mondays are great days to start fresh. This weekend, I signed up for my first EVER half marathon! Yikes! I have only recently started running long distance, but never more than 3 miles. I found a training guide online for how many miles you should run each week and it was actually not as bad as I thought. Totally excited for this, yet nervous for the new challenge. I am now in the hunt for a pair of adorable comfortable running shoes! I would love your suggestions on what works for you.

For almost a year now, I have always wore my Apple watch. Before this, I was never really a watch person. Now, I am totally obsessed with all types of watches. Enter… JORD watches. Oh my gosh friends, so fab. At first I was not really sure if the wooden style would fit with my style.. boy, I was wrong. The look I am sharing today is a very popular lace up sweater that is selling out at a ton of boutiques. I paired the sweater with my absolute favorite faux leather leggings with my new OTK boots. (More to come on these babies!) Depending on your height, I am 5’8″ish, you could wear this sweater as a dress too! I have paired mine with leggings and have worn it with jeans! Size, I am wearing a S/M. Make sure to visit the end of this post to enter a giveaway with JORD Watches!!

How gorgeous is this box that each watch arrives in? They even give you the option of personalization for the outside of the box.

Click here for this exact watch! Click here to view all Women’s watches!

Don’t worry ladies, Jord carries men’s watches too! Such a perfect Valentine’s day gift for the special man in your life. To take your gift to the next level, you can add a personalized note to the back of the watch! So memorable.

I have shared my struggle of having large hands on here before, as well as certain bracelets fitting me. JORD allows personalized sizing!  I have never had a watch personally sized for me, and it literally makes all the difference. It does not move around when it is on my wrist at all. Fits perfectly! The whole construction of the watch is flawless and timeless.

Sweater in Light Grey // Sweater in Pink // Faux Leather Leggings // OTK Boots // JORD Watch

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Best part, once the contest is over, you will automatically receive a $25 gift card for entering. Uhmm.. yes please.

Make sure to enter the contest here!!



January 5, 2017
January 12, 2017