Happy Spring friends! Yesterday, Jackson and I arrived in California and we are so excited to start exploring. Today, we had a major travel day and went to visit Downtown Disney. Since I am traveling, it is only right that I make this months ‘A Nicole Must Have’ as my favorite travel essentials.  Also, since I am traveling.. there will not be a post on Thursday!

Growing up, I was very lucky to be able to travel to a lot of places. It is now a huge part of my life and who I am. Throughout the years, I would say I have become a pretty good traveler. I wish I was more organized and a better overall packer. {I just never know what I want to wear! #fashionistaprobs} Oh, & I want to know whoever decided it was okay to have suitcases under 50lbs… this is a battle I always fight! I might not be very great at packing my suitcase.. yet.. but I do have a group of items I could never travel without.

  1. A neck pillow – Guys.. I’m hooked. My parents got me a neck pillow for Christmas and this was the first I was able to actually use it on a plane. I slept for an hour and a half without waking up… ON A PLANE! Yes, it was freakin’ early but I was so comfortable. I have a purple memory foam one and it is literally the best thing. I have seen sooo many different types of neck pillows, but I love my memory foam one. It does look stiff but do not let that fool you. You need this in your life.

2. Beats Headphones – I have two different types, the Solo3 Wireless and the earphones. I will always be a Beats supporter.. I love them. I know there are plenty of other great speaker companies, but I just love Beats. & they come in rose gold so like really, how could I not?! Okay, so I normally would wear my Solo3s but with my neck pillow, I had to wear my earphones, which worked out great because I did not have my Solos charged a ton.

3. Perfect Carry-On Bag – There isn’t the one all mighty perfect carry-on bag that everyone can use. Some travelers can grab their purse and go, others need more items with them. In the past, I was the girl struggling to carry her super adorbs Vera Bradley bag that was 40lbs… Now, I am the girl who just pushes along her carry-on suitcase, which is such a life saver. I know what you are probably thinking.. two suitcases!?! What! Yes, my young friend, it is the way to go. Make sure to not fill up your carry-on when you are going to your destination so you save room for all of your new goodies for the way back home! 🙂 The current suitcase I use is a Disney one I purchased at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World. However, here is another super cute Disney themed case! Always double check your airlines guidelines for carry on bags since all of them have different restrictions.

4.  Portable Charger – This baby is golden. Who else has tried so many portable chargers that do not work and are so confusing to work? Me too. I heard about this one from someone, I cannot remember who, but I am eternally grateful. This portable charger holds its own charge, is able to give my phone a full charge, and you guessed it, comes in rose gold! When I first purchased this from Amazon, I also grabbed a smaller cable and it works so well when using the charger.

5. Something cozy – Everyone feels different about traveling so always having something cozy with you is important. I enjoy traveling, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable. It can be a smaller blanket or oversized sweater.. anything that will make you feel protected and give you that ‘at home’ feeling. The sweater that I wore today was from Urban Outfitters and it kept me nice and warm. You can find that here.

Side note.. I did not wear these shorts on the plane, I changed once we landed.

Let me know what your go-to travel essentials are AND how you organize your suitcase because this girl needs help!




March 16, 2017
March 27, 2017


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    Jennifer Gegzna

    March 20, 2017

    1. Super jealous. Have so much fun guys!!

    2. Agh! The portable charger is a GREAT idea! With an 11 hour flight in my future to London, I will definitely be purchasing this. Thanks!!