It is officially fall on Thursday so I am doing #allthethings to get this fall weather to stick around. As much as I am going to regret wishing away the heat in January when it is -10, this girl is ready for fall. GIVE ME MY SCARVES BACK! 🙂 If you have been following this little space of ours for awhile now, you know I live and breath Nordstrom. Since we do not have a store locally, I have to shop online, which can be difficult. Do not get me wrong, I love me some online shopping, but when it comes to large retailers, it can become a bit overwhelming since they have so many products.

First you must… filter, filter, filter! Just like Insta, using those filters are super important! It allows you to narrow your shopping and only shows you the items in your size too! It really is incredibly helpful. Whoever thought of this invention, they should receive an Emmy!

Since I shop online at Nordstorms 98% of the time, I never just purchased a couple of items all at once, like you would at other shops. At other shops, I will find a couple of items {normally enough to allow free shipping} and then I will purchase my order that day.

When shopping at Nords, I load up my cart with everything I see throughout the month or two, and when I have notes {rewards} available, then I will make my purchases! Make sure to always go through your cart multiple times to make sure you need all of the items. But hey, if not… free returns!

Since my Nordstrom cart is getting pretty full and I am going to be making a purchase soon, here are the items I currently have my eyeballs on..

You can either click on the images above or on each title..

Lancer Sneaker by Steve Madden 

Y’all, we need to just take a minute for these sneaks. The image above has them shown in black, but that does not do them justice. I am looking at them in blush or camo. YES! THEY COME IN CAMO! I am too torn to decide which colour to get.. Still deciding on this one.. or do I get both?! Eek! Under $70!

Wool Floppy Hat

I will be purchasing this hat in ‘Tea Rose Light’! I first saw this on one of my favorite blogger babes, Brittany, and knew I had to have it for fall! Under $40!

Topshop Overalls

We are leaving for Disney in 118 days and I am in need of these pink overalls for a look I am dreaming up! Yes, I am starting to plan out my looks for each day. #sorrynotsorry Under $38!

White Bodysuit

I have been looking for a white bodysuit for awhile, and finally found this one! It is super adorns and is a great price. Under $35!

Accessories – Sunglasses & Necklace

I have been wearing these sunnies all summer and have been looking for a more fall focus pair. These Quay aviator styled sunnies are perfect! I currently have one monogram necklace, but can you really have too many?!

I am thinking of making “what’s in my bag” a new blog series?! Let me know what you think in the comments below!



September 14, 2017
September 21, 2017