Hey gals! Today, is all about fitness.

 Growing up, I always played highly competitive volleyball. I started doing workouts at Xplosive Edge when I was in 6th grade and continued to do them until college. I played college ball for one year (2011) and then decided it wasn’t for me. So, after being told to workout for 8+ years.. once you do not have too.. you don’t. Throughout college, I would workout a couple of times a month, but never could find the motivation to do it.

Fast forward to the fall of 2015 and I decided to start working out consistently and to start eating better. I did not really change my diet a ton, but I did start making my portions smaller. I knew I wanted to create a new lifestyle for myself and not just a hit it and quick diet plan. I started working out twice a week at first because that is what fit in my schedule. Now I am up to 2-3 times at the gym and two classes at The Barre Code. At first, I made working out fit into my schedule.. now I make my schedule fit into working out. Is getting to the gym hard somedays? Absolutely, but I just try to remember how great it feels when I complete a workout. I have currently lost 40 pounds!

Currently, I am training for the Lincoln Half Marathon and I am up to four miles. #yikes Friends, I have nevvvver been a long distance runner.. like ever. So this is new to me. & I actually like it! Once the weather gets a little warmer, I am going to start running outside, which it totally different I guess? Who knows. Not me!

Recently, I signed up for a membership at The Barre Code and it is everything I was missing in my workouts. I have been taking the Total Body Conditioning and Barre Code classes each week and holy soreness. I thought I was getting in pretty good shape until I took the TBC, which focuses on interval training. I love the Barre Code class because I feel like it focuses on toning, which is something I wanted to add to my workout. I attend the West Omaha studio! If you would like to try out a class, use the promo code: FREECLASS and let them know that Nicole Gregory sent ya! 🙂

My favorite workout accessory would definitely be my Apple Watch. I have had it for almost a year, and I do not know what I did without it before! The sweet watch tan line in the summer is pretty fab too! Besides getting texts and calls directly to my watch, another feature I use a ton is the fitness tracker. I am able to track any workout and able to set daily/weekly goals. The watch sends updates throughout the day to let you know if you are are on track or not. Finally, when listing to music I am always using my Beats. I use the Beats Solo3 Wireless or Beats Headphones. I love them!!

Finally, when it comes to fashion in fitness.. I normally wear Nike Running leggings and a dri-fit top. I have been obsessing over this Target crop sweatshirt! It is super cozy! I have also recently purchased Mizuno running shoes and I’m in love. They are light on my feet, yet they provide comfort for long distance running.

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March 2, 2017
March 9, 2017